What a great way to close out the year, LRI!

Check out the end-of-year message from Leadership RI.  Click here.  Mike Ritz and his staff are always on the go.  What are they saying to their target audience – alumni, program participants, and funders?

  • We have priorities, and we are willing to try new things – and take on hard challenges – to make progress.
  • We are objectively measuring our actions and results.
  • We are engaging the general public on important issues. This is part of our responsibility as leaders.
  • We have a collaborative culture.
  • We value and appreciate our staff.
  • There is an important role for our alumni.
  • We can have fun, too!

I am confident the program will continue to raise their impact and influence in 2016.

This is an excellent time for sharing accomplishments and thanks, as we all end a year of work and service.  To pull it all together, it is also time to prepare a communication for early January to share priorities and expectations for 2016.  If you have an “end-of-year”  message you would like me to privately review or to share, feel free to send it to me at  jstarr@starr-research.com. Happy End-of Year!