Topics and Audiences

Research, irrespective of budget, is a no-brainer investment.  We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50, but have a special interest in on-profits that can bring a positive impact to our communities.

Types of Clients

non-profitsNon-Profit Organizations              

Civic Leadership Programs (CLPs)

Industry, trade, civic and membership associations

Religious and educational institutions

Issue advocacy and public policy organizations

Philanthropies and charitable service organizations

Non-partisan campaigns and ballot initiatives

CorporationsCorporations and consulting firms 

Communications _agenciesCommunications agencies, including advertising and public relations firms 

News_organizationsNews media organizations

Target Audiences

We conduct research with a full range of groups:
broad_audiencesBroad groups such as adults, consumers and voters


Narrow audiences such as opinion leaders, decision makers, policy makers, and physicians/patients.

Closed_audiencesDefined universes including members, customers, employees, and donors.

Global_AudiencesWe have executed research in all geographic areas: hyperlocal to state, national to multinational. We work with trusted research affiliates and translators that allow us to cover the globe.Domestic_local_and_state

Industries and Topics

Rent-A-CenterSOA Society of ActuariesPhRMATaleoPublic Library AssociationU,.S. Chamber of CommerceAmerican Motorcycle AssociationPowell Tate / Weber ShandwickLeadership Rhode IslandP&GToyotaPfizerPTCUnisysMicrosoft

Our deepest expertise is in the following topics and industries:

Consumer products

Employee and membership engagement



Financial services



Political campaigns

Public affairs



In addition, we have substantive experience in defense, energy, environmental, fundraising, legal and professional services, religion, social marketing and travel and tourism.